How I used Porsche finance to add another 911 to my collection

As an avid car collector one of my prize possessions of all time has been my Porsche 911 Turbo, the performance on this car is staggering it competes with the fastest Ferraris and McLaren is on the market and is certainly something that attract a lot of attention when you drive it. By using Porsche finance recently I was able to add another beautiful Porsche 911 to my collection, if you’ve been following along with my blog you’ll know that this is the third in my collection partly in due to the fact that I wrote my first car off, I drove a little too ambitiously and ended up careering into another car on the racetrack.

As sorry as I was to see my Porsche go, after speaking to my car insurance company I was reimbursed for the full amount which allowed me to make my next purchase. There’s no calm or thrilling to me then a Porsche, that is why it is my race car of choice when I’m doing a track day at Silverstone or one of the ever find racetracks around the UK. The background engine means that its centre of gravity is extremely low which insures that the Porsches handling is always top-notch, this is coupled with a very intelligent suspension system that makes the driving experience wonderful.

porsche finance

Porsche finance allowed me to make the car purchase quickly

Fortunately for me I was able to liaise with my car insurance company and have them talk directly with the Porsche finance company that I chose. This meant that I did not have to wait for checks to clear and other financial payments two clear, the insurance company was very understanding and transferred my new budget directly To the car finance company. What this meant to me in real terms is that within a week of crashing my new Porsche, I was able to make the second purchase with little to no waiting I was one very happy person.

Just a little tip if you are ever without your prize car, it is worth talking with your company to see what they can do for you with your leasing a call perhaps renting one there are always financing options available to you to make your next purchase. It’s likely that I’ll be looking for Aston Martin finance next, so it may be worth checking back on this blog for any progress. If you have any questions about any of the above then feel free to drop me a message.