Driving away with Volvo Finance and the new XC90

Anyone who is driven one will tell you that the new Volvo XC 90 surpasses all previous models of Volvos out there. Fortunately for me this month I was able to find an extremely competitive financing package which meant that I was able to drive away the new XC 90 using Volvo finance. There are a number of reasons that I chose to Barry brand-new rather than shopping in the second hand car market like I would typically do. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I will usually buy a three year old car in hopes of avoiding the initial period of depreciation that occurs for top of the range models.

volvo finance

Financing with Volvo turned out to be a very smart move in terms of my monthly budget that I allocate two things like expenditure on cars. The reason I chose this model rather than some of the others is because I wanted a luxury car that would be both fuel-efficient and prestigious, for me Volvo takes all these boxes and offers the additional advantage of being extremely reliable too. Car finance can be a mixed blessing, if you don’t know what you’re doing you can end up paying more in the long run fortunately I was able to structure a finance plan for my car that means I will actually end up saving money.

How I used Volvo Finance effectively

By using Volvo finance I was able to keep more cash in my bank account, which meant I could invested wisely and probably end up making more money or at least saving some. I didn’t want to lose a large amount of money from my bank account, if I were to buy in the second hand car market this would undoubtedly have happened although perhaps a lesser amount than buying brand-new. I talk to a number of Volvo dealerships who all had that slightly different packages to offer, in the end I decided to you with a specialist car finance company who were even able to give me a balloon payment structure.